Are you aptly named?

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I’ve just started reading the book of Luke, and this gospel’s purpose is to further instruct Theophilus in the Christian faith and to assure him of its truth. I have a Bible Commentary that tells us that Theophilus literally means: “Lover of God” and I thought that was neat. Which got me to thinking about the meaning of my name, Sandi, which is short for Sandra, which is short for Alexandra (or Alexander) which I always knew the general meaning is defender or protector of man / mankind. In some sense, I’m a warrior, which makes me think of how Israel has women serving in combat with their military. (see wikipedia)

And this thought process made me further wonder, if there was a source listing Biblical meanings behind regular Americanized names. And I found a source, that lists common names with 3 categories:

  • the first category lists the name’s language cultural origin
  • the second category lists the name’s inherent meaning
  • The third category lists the name’s Spiritual Connotation.

My name has the cultural origin as ENGLISH – the inherent meaning of “Defender” with the Spiritual Connotation as “Guardian of Truth.” I always thought my name meaning suited me well. I am a defender! I hope to be a Guardian of Truth.

I scrolled the pdf document and discovered all my immediate family members are listed, including my son’s unique name:

  • My husband’s name is German and he does match the meaning of Resolute Protector/Noble Spirit.
  • It’s too soon to tell if my daughter’s Aramaic name matches – if she is truly a listener, and attentive to God’s voice. Most teenage girls don’t listen.
  • My son’s name is English and he’s named after my grandfather who taught that lying was the WORST offense; If you are a liar, how can anyone trust you? My grandfather was truly a man of his word – so the inherent meaning of “son of an honest man” matches! However, the Spiritual connotation of “Fruitful,” I pray that he will be one day. Right now as a teenager, he is struggles with believing there is a God.

So, what I find interesting is combining all our first name meanings, as a family unit – we are connected to LISTENING TO GOD/DISCOVERING TRUTH/unwavering defender of truth, being honest/noble and out of that, we’ll be producing fruit. Coincidence? Perhaps. But maybe this connection is by God’s design, we know he liked his names sending Angel to name child Jesus and John (Or changing names Abram to Abraham / Sarai to Sarah or from Simon to Peter / Saul to Paul ) I wonder if these names were God breathed to us (when naming our children) and to our parents (when they were naming us.)

You may want to check yours out, it’s fun. Here’s the link to the pdf.doc Does your name’s Inherent meaning and Spiritual Connotation suit you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share.

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