Things that Make you go Hmmm

Here are some thing that have caused me to take pause during this roll out of immunization:

The state controls distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, and Oregon allocated our next set of doses to other cities that are still in Phase 1. Therefore, only a small group of people has been inoculated in our county. YET, daily news reports of NEW COVID cases are declining – instead of in the 60s, there are 20. Are you telling me it was the first responders and those with highly compromised immune systems were the source of spread?

I’m guessing new cases had spiked after Christmas gatherings and during January no one went anywhere. And the new cases will probably spike again after Super Bowl, but I still don’t trust the numbers. Funny thing, pertaining to the upcoming Super Bowl, the news said if we gather in groups – to STOMP OUR FEET OR BEAT A TABLE instead of cheering to limit spread of germs. I wonder how many will comply.

And what’s this I see on the rollout chart: Prisoners will receive vaccines before general public? Those running the facilities should receive their vaccinations ASAP, but how do those who committed crimes qualify before the general public? Again, everyone deserves it, but when supply is limited, shouldn’t they be when supply is not in great demand. I’m sure it comes down to hospital bed availability if a big chunk of people get ill and tax payers money to pay for their hospital care. But still…someone who murdered another individual, doesn’t matter if they are on death row, we want them healthy. Or brutally raped a woman, by all means, let’s make sure they get their shot, probably before their victim qualifies for theirs. Doesn’t it just seem backward?

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20).

4 Comments on “Things that Make you go Hmmm

  1. Sorry, but trying to stop infection in people living in close confinement seems like a *good* idea to me, just from the perspective of anybody who comes into contact with them and might transmit something to the wider community.


    • I agree, everyone deserves to have immunization, but when you have a limited supply and have to decide who goes first…the order of which they have chosen has caused me to pause and ponder. That’s all.

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      • From a public health perspective, a prison will be far more of a risk of being a virus hotspot than most members of the public. I’d have made the exact same call.


      • I understand about hotspots and living in close quarters. But I still take a pause to think over prison inmates receiving priority over the general public.

        I used to visit someone who was serving time in Los Angeles County and there was a PLASTIC barrier or glass where visitors can’t expose them…so if all the workers are immunized, and no one is visiting them without a barrier, the chance for virus is reduced and if already there – continue to do what they are doing now, separate those ill from the population.

        It doesn’t set well with me, those that committed crimes and took other people’s rights away, should be given priority over the rest of society when supply is limited. I have a son with a compromised immune system, and I was told he wasn’t compromised “enough” to get his yet and “might” be eligible in the same round as prisons. “Might” – It ticks me off to think my son might have to wait weeks/maybe months for a new supply to come in after the other supply is exhausted on criminals.
        “I’m sorry honey, you just need to wait until all the murderers, rapists, assaulters, and child molesters get their shots first.” I have a difficult time reconciling that portion of it.


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