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Here’s a quote we say often in our house. I would love to visit your site and comment on your post, but keep in mind these 3 things:

  1. Try not to exceed 300 words on one post – people skip over them or just hit the like button without reading. Break a story into short series of posts.
  2. If someone takes time to comment on your blog, be courteous and visit their site and comment on one of their posts. It’s a give-n-take. It’s not all about you. REPEAT – it’s not all about you. (unless you are a celebrity)
  3. STOP scrolling down the WordPress Reader tab – category of pages and hitting the “like” button on all of the posts listed without opening & reading them, with the only intention to market your site. Most of us are WISE to this lazy action. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT. I’m going to start calling these people out by blog name. I hate to break it to you, what you have to say is not more special than anyone else, probably not unique, it can potentially be written more cleverly, but still saying the same thing. Let’s be honest, most of the truly TALENTED WRITERS are already published and probably not wasting their time in the slums of WordPress. And if you are fortunate to have a huge following, then select a handful of blogs a day to purposely read and comment. Keep in mind, readers are a fickle lot and your large fanbase could dwindle in a heart beat.

This post was 259 words.

12 Comments on “Help me, Help YOU

  1. My post length is definitely almost always over 300 words. I generally try to keep things under 1,000… though I know I fail at that limit sometimes as well. I’m almost certain the majority of the likes that I rake in are from people who don’t read what I’ve written. But if I get a like from one or two of the handful of bloggers I’ve made real connections with over the years, that’s all that really matters to me.


  2. I hate it when I see that someone has liked a half dozen of my posts, one right after the other, within 30 seconds. I know many of my posts are short, most under 300 words, but please, no one can actually read a half dozen or more posts in 30 seconds. Don’t bother liking my posts if you don’t bother reading them.


    • Exactly. They have another purpose in mind. To quickly Like as many posts as they can – with the intent to entice those bloggers to their site, to drive up their numbers. I tested the theory. Last night, I scrolled and the system let me hit the “like button” continually. At one point, the wordpress preview didn’t allow the “like” option, only “comment” – which I found interesting. So I think something does “kick in” to not let people do this too much. But each catergory search, it resets to allow you to hit the like button continually without opening the post again.

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  3. Did you know you could turn off notifications about likes and follows? The only time I will know someone has visited is if they comment, to which it seems only courteous to respond. At least if you get somebody randomly following/liking your stuff, you won’t get bugged about it.


    • Yes, but sometimes people need to be reminded that we do know what they are doing. Yes, I have turned off my email notifications unless someone new followed me – then I say hi to them. I want to read and comment on other sites, but mannnn – some of the posts are so incredibly long. I’m hoping if someone is told, they will try and shorten some of them (for their own success)

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      • Yup. that is a dilema for me too. There are a couple of people who interact nicely with my blog, so I followed them to see if they had anything decent to say. When they write, it is 10-15 minute posts. I think that’s one of the things you pick up as you blog, though – to keep things brief.
        I once encountered a 60-minute post, and couldn’t help wondering who they thought would read it.

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      • I truly want to be sincere and read and comment. So I hope the new bloggers start to realize more quickly than not. 🙂 Have a good day!

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      • Yup, I mention quite liberally that my eyes are not good and hopefully the penny will drop. It is supper-time here, I feel quite guilty today because I haven’t done much (I developed software all my life, do so from home now). Extra effort tomorrow! Hope you’re doing well today too.


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