Diddley-do, Diddley-Squat

Image from Dexter – John Lithgow

Do you form your communication around movie, show or song quotes? I bet you do it more than you realize. We do it all the time. Here’s one that comes up every so often.

It is delivered by John Lithgow, who I believe is such a phenomenal actor – he’s one of my favorites. I was first introduced to him as the Pastor in Footloose. And then I further enjoyed his comedy on Harry and the Henderson’s. I never watched his tv Show, 3rd Rock from the Sun, but clips I’ve seen are hilarious. Later, he played a role where he suffered from multiple personalities in the thriller, Raising Cain. He was “scary” good. So I was excited to see him casted as a serial killer on Dexter, as Dexter’s nemesis. At some point, during the cat-n-mouse chase, they shared dialog and Lithgow said in a dark comedic way only he can deliver,

“You and I both know, If we allowed the kids to do what they wanted, they would sit around the house all day playing video games and diddling themselves.”

My husband and I busted out laughing, not expecting that whatsoever. Of course, now it makes it into our conversation occasionally. Should we let the kids decide if they want to do sports or not…”If it were up to them, they would sit around the house and diddle themselves.”

One Comment on “Diddley-do, Diddley-Squat

  1. This is so funny! I thought my husband and I along with our daughter were the only ones that did this. By the way I am Teresa, half of the duo of fiftythriftyandfabuless. Love this post.


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