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Suicide Prevention – see something / Say something

This is urgent. For the first time, I came across a blog site that I suspect, the individual might need some encouragement. By the end of their post, how it read to me, I’m fearful they might “self-harm.” It doesn’t appear to be a fictional writing piece. I might be wrong, but if I don’t act, and something terrible happens, I will feel awful.

I wrote a positive note on their blog post and also included the lifeline # and website. I went to lifeline for how to deal with social media posts and the only sites listed were Facebook, etc. Not WordPress so I came back to WordPress and searched all over to see how to notify them. And I came across this link https://wordpress.com/support/self-harm-and-online-safety/

Self-Harm and Suicidal Content (from WordPress)

If you see a direct threat of suicide on WordPress.com and you know the blogger, please contact law enforcement immediately.

If you do not know the blog owner personally, but want to help, please:

  • Comment on their post with the contact information for a suicide prevention hotline:
  • Encourage him/her to reach out for help to a friend, family member, counselor, clergy and other community members via comments or a contact form, if there is one available on the site.
  • Post positive, supportive comments and encourage your friends to do so as well; in times of emotional crisis, understanding and kind words of encouragement can help convince someone to get help when they need it.

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