You know, Jack Hughman

Sloth on Masked Dancer (not my image) Public Domain


Ever been confident about something and get aggravated when people have no clue what you mean. And you are absolutely certain they, in fact, DO KNOW! They are either purposely messing with you, or they are just plain being lame?

We enjoy watching the masked Singer as a family. And so when the spinoff, Masked Dancer, was introduced we began watching that, as well. My 15-year-old daughter loves it…and if I’m being honest, me and the hubby do too. Even my 17 year old son, will pause on his way to the kitchen to watch a performance and laugh and then quickly leave the room.

So tonight, after Sloth’s performance (my favorite), I said, “I think that guy might be Jack Hughman.” And I got blank stares. “You know, Jack Hughman.” and both of them continue to just stare at me. With confidence, I boldly state, “You know, the guy that was the Ring Master in that Circus movie. Barnimum Bailey. The Circus movie with singing. I mean Barnum and Bailey. You know, Jack Hughman!”

Now, I’m irritated. Because I know they KNOW what I’m talking about. My husband, normally quick to get what I mean, just didn’t. This time, nothing. Both of them telling me, “I don’t know who you are talking about.”

It was silent a moment, and then my husband finally said, “Hugh Jackman.” to which my daughter replied “He’s in the Greatest Showman” and I said “YES. Hugh Jackman, that’s what I said.” (they shook their heads) “What did I say then?”

“Jack Hughman” and they began laughing uncontrollably. They laughed and laughed, my husband was literally on the floor cracking up. I guess I was the greatest show, at that moment. What can I say, I’m tired. Sorry, Hugh…I love ya, man.

2 Comments on “You know, Jack Hughman

  1. Boy can I identify with this. As a pastor I am constantly mixing words up and, drumroll, making them up. One day I am sure I will form a dictionary for the words I have created. Great stuff…and I love the humor!


    • Thank you for visiting and encouragement. I’m still at the beginnings of my walk, like a child. So there is much to learn and I’m glad to follow blogs that nourish me. Blogging also allows us to fellowship and during COVID, I’m so grateful for it. Have a fantastic day!


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