Who needs sleep

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As we were waiting for delivery on Tuesday, I walked into our bedroom and exclaimed, “GOODNESS! Who used our bathroom? We have two others…We are going to have delivery guys here in our room any second now and it smells like candle and burnt matches. Gross.” I scrambled to open a window and put on the ceiling fan to disperse any evidence of poo.

Yes! FINALLY! The long awaited day was here. It’s interesting how I ensured our two kids had a nice bed and matching bedroom set from Ashley Furniture store. It was great because I was able to make monthly payments at no interest and those are paid off now, including their desks.

However, isn’t it interesting, as parents some of us don’t bother for ourselves? I grew up having my mom’s old mattress on top of a box mattress that sat on the floor. As a teenager, it was no biggie. Almost somewhat cool. (somewhat) My friends couldn’t understand why I didn’t have a frame, at least. When I moved out of my parent’s home and attempted life on my own – I had no furniture – so I slept on the floor. Then as I was able to support myself better, I moved into a studio that had a murphy bed (one of the ones that fold into the wall and then you put it down at night) not ideal, but definitely a much needed space saver for the tiny square in which I resided.

When my husband and I moved in together, our first 1 bedroom apartment, he brought his standard Queen sized mattress and basic metal frame. I told him not to worry or be embarrassed, because it was a step up for me! It’s not on the floor or coming out of the Wall and the widest mattress I ever had was a full size. So I was feeling grateful.

When I was pregnant with out son, as the pregnancy advanced, every slight movement (which was nearly constant for me to get comfortable) shook the entire bed and kept my husband awake. So we purchased a new mattress, but kept the same frame. Our son is now 17…so that mattress did well through the years, but now that I’m going through peri-menopause, I’m flopping around again for comfort. Often too hot, then too cold and the movement and squeaky metal frame is waking my husband. So, he said “IT’s time!”

REALLY? CAN WE REALLY GET A BED something we have been mentioning for YEARS, but never getting around to it – since I was focused on the kids’ rooms and even though I’m laid off right now? This is EXCITING.

We went to Wayfield Furniture online store, where I had already purchased an awesome chair for my daughter’s room before I was laid off. (yes, I wanted a cool reading chair for her to hopefully encourage more reading vs. TV) We found the bed pictured above (black wood), and it’s wonderful. It’s a KING size, so that required us to get a NEW mattress, sheets, and quilt. (oh, darn) so off to Discount Mattress and Bed, Bath, & Beyond!

Tempur-Pedic Mattress (not my image) pulled from Public Domain

The price killer is the mattress and accessories. However, because you can make interest free monthly payments, it enabled us to get what we wanted. We have the Tempur-pedic single Kingsized mattress. The one that has the memory foam. In addition, we purchased that mechanism the mattress sits on (the metal part in the above photo), so we can move the head up to a sitting position and elevate the feet. AND we splurged with the vibration option. It only increased our monthly payments by $7.00 so we were able to rationalize it’s worth. We couldn’t afford the split mattress option, as that is essentially buying two mattresses and nearly doubled the price. So, we said no for now, but did get two separate elevating machines so we have the option in the future to get separate mattresses. For now, the two machines are in unison for the one mattress. So if one of us wants to be sitting up, we are both sitting up.

Possible future – where we control our own beds

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