Okay, Dokey then

Imagine you are deaf and because of your inability to hear, your speech is impeded. And your friends tell you of this amazing non-traditional healer that’s in town visiting, and they take you go see him. They just know this person can help you. And the doctor sees you in private & inserts his fingers in your ears and motions for you to open your mouth so he can spit in it.

Would you immediately comply or take pause?

This is the thought that pops in my mind. Would I have had enough faith to just shrug my shoulders and say “okay, dokey” and open my mouth as wide as can be. Do your thang – heal me. And truly believe it was going to work?

Yet, this was precisely what Jesus was doing. Anything is possible with Him.

31 Then he left the region of Tyre, went through Sidon back to Galilee Lake and over to the district of the Ten Towns. 32 Some people brought a man who could neither hear nor speak and asked Jesus to lay a healing hand on him. 33 He took the man off by himself, put his fingers in the man’s ears and some spit on the man’s tongue. 34 Then Jesus looked up in prayer, groaned mightily, and commanded, “Ephphatha! – Open up!” 35 And it happened. The man’s hearing was clear and his speech plain – just like that. 

Mark 7:31-37 (MSG version)

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