and then…

The Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Onuphrius, built in 1874 (Wikimedia image)

I did it! I finished reading 1 book of the Bible in it’s entirety just before I turn 50! Every time in my life, when I said,

“I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna read this Bible. And I’m gonna get me some Jesus. And I’m going to be enlightened and educated. And all that good stuff!” (and get out of my way…nobody bug me.)

  • and THEN I flip to the 1st Gospel – Matthew – every time –
  • and THEN I read a couple of pages…after reading about who Matthew is and his role
  • and THEN I get side tracked…because I don’t understand something, and in my endeavor to look up sources other things happen.
  • and THEN I get busy…
  • and THEN I forget about it…
  • and THEN I remember and say, “I should get back to that.”
  • and THEN I forget again…

But this last couple of weeks, I took my time, and read two Bible versions of the verses (a NKJV study Bible and an ESV) and a Bible commentary, and sources on the internet. I even pulled up the map of Akeldama, better known as the Field of Blood, where Judas Iscariot committed suicide, also referred to as Potter’s field, the original purpose was to bury strangers. There are tombs in rocks that suggest later in time the wealthy were buried and not poor strangers, and it’s now a Greek Orthodox monastery.

… just for some fun…this is a funny “and then” video from Dude Where’s my car – where Ashton Kutcher argues with the Order Speaker. It has nothing to do with this post, except every time I say AND THEN…all I can think of is this funny scene.

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