This Ain’t No Disco

public domain image

Our 15 year old received some wall lights for her birthday, which was in December, and dad finally got around to putting them up today. Hooray…since they were sitting in a tangled mess in the corner of her room for over a month now.

This new strand, is white (not soft yellowy light, but bright white) and has several columns dangling down the entire wall above her bed, plus she has some additional light blue lights wound through the bed’s headboard. Being so closely together, they kind of clash, but I don’t think she’ll have them both on at the same time. By themselves, the ambiance is calming, but together, it’s somewhat busy.

Meanwhile, she still had Christmas Lights up in her two small windows that were on automatic timer. When she showed me the new lights all on simultaneously, the Christmas lights popped on, and the effect was overwhelming, especially when she clicked through the options of various blinking vs. no blinking. I felt I was going to have a seizure. At that point, I reminded dad to now take down the Christmas lights, but was told the teenager wanted them to stay – what??? – I promptly told him THIS AIN’T NO DISCO. Take ’em down.

He laughed and immediately began singing a favorite Talking Heads tune, Life During Wartime: “This Ain’t no party. This ain’t no Disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…” – FOUND THIS awesome 1979 live and good condition video. I love David Byrne and his big suits.

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