Chickens in Church?

My art using public domain images

This whole perimenopause really drags on and is quite brutal. Last night I awoke at 2AM drenched in sweat – forehead dripping, breasts sweaty, and the small of the back beaded up – had to get up and change all my clothes. By that point, I was wide awake. My husband inquired what I was doing and I said “getting up, apparently.”

I spent most of the early AM hours getting back into blogging and listening to two online church services of favorite pastors. I went to one of the webpages to see about a friend’s church…that is more remote – near farming areas and you know when you are beyond tired when you misread things. Instead of “children,” I read:

“If you are bringing CHICKENS…”

Chickens? People bring their chickens to church? Why? You know, children..chickens…same thing – they both eat all the time and squawk. Oh, dear!

My husband finally got up a few minutes ago, and when I told him – he was like “CHICKENS…now I want to go to that church.” Extremely disappointed that it wasn’t poultry related.

Who knows, maybe one day…there was a time before Goat Yoga existed. I thought that was a Hoax until a friend posted online that she was hosting an event and included pictures. If you are aware of a service having chickens – please do share!

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