Flop Bop

Oh, my goodness. My teenagers of late…always complaining about ALL that they do each day. My 17-year-old son just came down the stairs, flopped on the couch and groaned as if he had completed a marathon when, in fact, he had been sitting all day (didn’t even help shovel snow)

“Ohhhhh, I’m so exhausted. So much work.” and he carried on and on. This scenario pretty much happens daily, but today there was extra emphasis with flailing of body parts.

I started laughing and made a reference to Devo’s rendition of a classic song – “You’d think he has been working in a coal mine…and going down, down” My husband finished with, “Lord, I AM SO TIRED. How long can this go on?” And then we both broke into singing, “Well I’ve been working in a Coal mine, going on down down, working in a coal mine WOOO!” … and our son immediately left the room. We called to him down the hall, “Oh, Come on – dance with us!” (hahahaha)

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