Dirty Laundry

Deaths, Disasters, Scandals… networks choosing an actor and model to anchor the nightly news. Don’t worry about being a true journalist, just smile, look good, and air that dirty laundry. Increase ratings with Intrusive press coverage: John Belushi (drug over-dose) Natalie Wood (surely Robert Wagner murdered her) subtle innuendos, callous brutal details of the plane crash, relishing every crumb of the OJ Simpson trial, and Bill Clinton’s juicy lies, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Don Henley was disgusted with negative and sensationalist news and wrote this 1982 hit song. On the set, need that dirty laundry!

This Post is in response to Rochelle’s Photo Prompt Friday Challenge / image below by Rochelle

7 Comments on “Dirty Laundry

  1. I feel disturbed many times watching the news – not only are some acts and events horrific- but what I dislike is the sensationalism that has creeped in. A weeping mother distraught at the loss of her murdered daughter, being asked how does she feel!
    Interviewing neighbours; who have no added information or news.
    Showing people who unload their soul and make accusations that obscure the facts about a real incident.
    Do we need to see Covid patients in the hospitals?

    Maybe it is just me.


    • I seriously can’t watch the news…haven’t been really able to for years now. I’ll watch 10 minutes and go – that’s enough. And it’s just gotten worse with COVID, the Protests/violence, and just when you think you’ve had enough politics – introduce Trumph…and honestly I DON’T CARE about Chucks & pearls – and smitten with the mittens (though my husband did a funny meme of his own with Bernie in our backyard next to the fire pit) anyway…our local news, once you’ve watched 15 minutes that MAINLY CONSISTS of commercials – it’s on repeat. The other day, a family tragically lost their 9 year old son – they went skiing on the mountain, and down one slope that had a lot of ice – and I guess the boy had an accident and they medivaced him off the mountain…he died a few days later. When the anchor woman went to read the teleprompter – she was reading it with a smile and a happy voice. Her demeanor did not match the somber news. I looked over at my husband and he was like “yes, I heard it.” What the heck – I was so angry for that family.

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  2. Dear Sandi,

    So true. It seems people are all gossips at heart and “news” media certainly panders to that, doesn’t it. Well done and thanks for the Don Henley bonus.



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  3. I’ve always been an Eagles fan. They were about as ‘country’ as I wanted to go. Henley was always grittier than Glenn Frey. 🙂


    • YES, great word to describe Henley! It’s interesting, I had looked up Wikipedia on the song and a couple of other sources and also, I’m old enough to remember the news when Natalie Wood died, and forward – but what is interesting is Henley had just been arrested for his connection with an under age girl that overdosed on drugs. And so he was being hounded by the press and wrote this song.


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