My backyard

In response to this week’s Stream of Consciousness challenge – we are supposed to close our eyes and randomly point our finger at a book or magazine and where ever the finger lands, you write. However, I don’t have written material next to me right now, except a Cook book…and well, yeah, that doesn’t seem promising. So I looked out our patio door and the nature. And my word is CREATIVITY.

It snowed recently and the clouds have disappeared temporarily and somehow there are rays of Sunshine. It’s not expected to last, the gray will be returning soon enough…so I decided to step out to the front yard, to maximize my sun exposure. Living in Central Oregon, during the winter, and COVID (stay at home) – we have to take extra Vitamin D. It’s actually prescribed by the doctor. “take a multi-vitamin PLUS Vitamin D3” Being a native of Southern California, where it is sunny nearly every day, and we were out in it all the time – this wasn’t even thought of, but in a different state that has changing of season & weather – if the sun is shining – you need to purposely step out and absorb some rays for some natural vitamin D.

As I was outside sunning myself the best I could in a warm winter jacket, I got to thinking and you know how GOD created the heavens and Earth and all the living creatures in 6 days, and on the 7th day he rested? He must have had a blast with his creativity cap on. When I was young, I had an entire collection of LITTLE PEOPLE. You know, wood pieces carved and painted to resemble people (regular people, policeman, postman, barber, pilot) that fit in the palm of your hand. Fisher Price makes them wide, rounded pieces so young kids can’t choke on them. The reason why I loved this toy, is because I could be creative. I had the town set, that looked like a Western TV show. Two sides – connected by a signal light that could be changed colors manually – the town contained a jail cell with a moveable cell door, post office with truck and plastic mail, Barber shop with chair that went up and down and tow truck. I had the country house and furniture and a 4X4 truck that pulled a fold out tent camper, an airplane they could sit in, a farm with animals, and a few other additions and several people and cars. I would spend HOURS setting it up and moving things around. Once it was set up, I didn’t really play with it after that. I just liked to be the architect and would have loved for the little people to then move about on their own.

Not my photo – from internet Public Domain

And I like to think GOD was having fun, designing our clever world. He created a man to watch over and care for the beasts of the land and fellowship with him. And when he noticed man didn’t have a mate like all the animals did, that he was lonely, he created woman so they could reproduce and populate the earth. Then he allowed them free-will and sat back and watched them go. Adam was in charge of naming all the living beings he came across at that time. And as the world aged and mankind ventured into unexplored areas, and further discovered strange animals like this, you just know GOD has a sense of humor. I imagined him chucking, “Oh did you find that one, yeah, that’s a good one! Whatya goin’ to name it?”

not my image – from internet public domain

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