Here, Hide this

Excuse me?
You want me to what?

This is my first year working holiday season at a retail store.  I’ve come across some great stories that I must share, but I’m also appalled by some behaviors of shoppers and their expectations.  Honestly…

What’s this latest trend of “Hey, let’s go shopping with those that we are purchasing Christmas gifts for…”  I mean ????

It’s kind of funny when adults are shopping together, and a couple of cute elderly people are standing at the register and they are all “in on” the joke.  But it’s fun for them, it’s no biggie.  Obviously, we are not “pulling-one-over” on the intended recipient.  There’s no true risk of discovery.

However…the following would NEVER OCCUR to me to do this…take my 3-year-old, or 7-year-old, or 10 year old…and at the register, pull an item from under the basket or hidden under clothing inside the cart and expect the cashier to quickly scan and find a bag or two to quickly hide the item before the recipient of “said gifts” turned around.

Even if your kids are great shoppers, and clueless…it’s not okay to buy their gift (or anyone’s gift) when they are present, and then request the cashier to jump over backward to “hide” the gift from the person standing next to you. (Can you double bag that so they can’t see through the bag, Can you add some extra bags/paper on top?)   First, pretty sure  many are not fooled…but mainly it’s not our responsibility.  Yes, I understand we might be the closest Target in the area for those in rural zones…but you need to shop without the giftee being present.  If you can’t…order online.  I’ve done it and the last couple of years, online shopping with delivery to my door. has made my life easy.

The occasional request is no biggie, but this has been a regular, frequent request.  And often is a demand or expectation.  Dear shoppers, please be considerate and realize this is not part of the worker’s job.  Don’t do it and if you find yourself in the situation, then kindly, and humbly make request.

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