Pack your bags!

I’ve been working the holiday season at Target.  For the most part, it has been a good experience.  But I would like to give gentle reminders to customers.  Please keep this in mind on your next shopping trip because this will drive your checker crazy.

Plastic, Paper, or bring your own bags.   All is good and no difference to us. Just let us know. If you are very particular over the way items are packed, you can ask/offer to pack your own items.  It doesn’t matter one way or the other to us.   We are pretty flexible and want to please you.

However, please refrain from constantly inserting your arms into the way of the checker or taking things out to reinspect items and muss over how you are going to use them or begin removing bags, just as we opened and inserted one item.  Let us finish or at least put a couple things in and give you the nod to take away.  We are trying to get your transaction completed as quickly as possible, so we can assist the next shopper in line.  It’s a little difficult to do this, if you are unpacking to inspect product further.  Read the back label of your mascara while you are shopping vs. waiting until at register and then taking everything out of the bag to find the mascara to verify if it’s water-proof.  Now we have a mess in a small area.

I’m great at Tetris and pack very well.  I pack the way I’d like items to be in my own bags…extra protection for fragile dishes, double bag for heavy items like canned veggies or bottles.  So I get it, eggs are by themselves.  Bread is not crushed.  Great.  I’ll be your favorite checker, because I already do all that.  However, if you are so particular, in a peculiarly extreme sort of way…then you really should pack your own items.  If not, please allow the checker some space.  Don’t make us so anxious that we are afraid to move forward to complete the transaction.  Because when you start getting involved, you begin taking items out of bags and moving things around, and then off the register belt before they have been scanned.  Then we are scrambling and saying, “Wait.  I didn’t scan that yet.”  STOP.  And please don’t let your kids begin swiping things across the register.  THAT’S NOT OKAY.  Although we want to make children happy, items become duplicate charges or missed entirely if they just take it.   And now we’re distracted and miss the bigger items under your shopping cart, not placed on the belt, like cases of water or TP.  Teach your kiddos not to touch.

Just be patient.  And if you are OCD, things need to be symmetrical or in a perfect order, then request to do the packing or you’re separating business items from personal. Completely understandable.  We’re willing to scan and set the items aside to lessen your anxiety so you can proceed with the bagging.  But pack and get it done and off the counter.

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