…The moment you perk up with your coffee as you see the Fed Ex guy drive up toward your house…and you have the briefest of thoughts,
“Hey, what if he is delivering to me, a surprise group of people to get our kitchen fixed! Oh, that’s just silly, expecting a group of guys to pop out of the truck… But wait… an even crazier thought…WHAT IF…it’s an unexpected envelope stating a distant (far distant) relative is leaving us money! A few thousand even… in the envelope to start. That would be so shocking and amazing.”
…and then the briefest of disappointments…as the driver passes your house and delivers your neighbor a box. (that probably contains, unexpected $$ from their distant relative!) It’s always someone else! (hahahah)
Oh, my random thoughts as I’m working.
Me celebrating YES, and then disappointment.


3 Comments on “Reverie

  1. Me: OMG the [insert random item I Amazon Primed one late night after 2 glasses of wine] is FINALLY here! Wait, why are you still driving FedEx man? That should be delivered here! Wait, come back!!


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