It wasn’t the dog, this time

There’s a new culprit in the house.

Me: “Okay, guys, whoever used the jelly last, needs to wipe up the counter. There are spots of jelly dried every where. Gross.”

Kids (simultaneously chiming in): “Not me. It wasn’t me.”

Me: “Well somebody did.”
Daughter: “It was dad. He made a sandwich today.”

Me: “Dad made a chicken salad sandwich. He didn’t use jelly.”
Kids: “Well, it wasn’t me.”

Me: “Okay, so it must have been the Holy Spirit… came down and and apparently, God made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”

Son (laughing big belly laugh): “Yep.”

Dad: “Yes. Jehovah did it.”
Me: “A Jehovah sandwich?”

Should we open a restaurant and call it Belly of the Whale?


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