Rebel Lion

Ever find yourself on autopilot…

 pausing while reading…

Wait a minute.   Back up.  What was that?

Do Not harden your hearts as in the rebel - 
lion, on the day of testing in the wildner - 
ness, - Hebrews 2:8

A Rebel Lion?

What’s a rebel lion?


Rephrasing it…A Lion in Rebellion…what does that mean?  I’m going to have to look up commentary on that.  Ohhh, Rebellion.  (hahahah)  Good thing I didn’t read that aloud with my small group.  Okay, this is in reference to when God had Moses lead the Jewish people out of bondage and into the wilderness.  And they complained about their conditions.

But I can’t think further about this, because cue in David Bowie’s, Rebel Rebel…and I’m singing away.  (Do Do Do Do…Do-do-doooododo.)  Just another snap-shot of what’s going on in my mind, while I try to read the Bible. So, I need to get it out of my system so that I can move forward with my reading.  And now…you’ll have this in your brain too…you’re welcome.  At least it’s a good tune!  I love me some David Bowie.  Jesus and David Bowie.  Where else are you going to find this combination other than my blog?

For those that might take offense, just change the words.  “You find yourself in the wil-der-ness, and everything seems to be a mess…hot child, the Lord, loves you so…do,do,”

6 Comments on “Rebel Lion

  1. Things went terribly wrong for Moses, the people complained about the lack of meat, so God sends them a super-abundance of quail only for many of them to be poisoned by gluttony.


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