I Spy

“Hey!” Mira, excited for her first mission, anxiously sat down next to her contact.  She heard him exhale with exasperation, “Don’t look at me. We don’t know each other, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” To her dismay, nerves got the better of her, and she erupted into quiet giggles, which she quickly stifled with a cough. “No longer looking at you, but straight ahead. Wow, there are a lot of people! Are they offering a free buffet?”

Her contact ignored her last question and dove right to the point,
“Keep you eye open for a male, about 6′ 2…and”

“That’s it?”

“Let me finish. They call him the Albino. So very fair skinned. Since Albinos have an extreme sensitivity to the sun, he’ll probably be wearing ample coverage, such as long sleeves and hat, sun glasses…”

“…Well, that’s half the people in line.”

“Again. Stop and listen. The latest intelligence tells us he is traveling with someone. We don’t have much data, except the companion is female. This might be a challenging task.”

Just then, an amp, on the boat deck, cackled and hissed as it was turned on and someone grabbed a microphone. “Good afternoon, today we have a treat for you! Sunnie, is a flamenco dancer, and will be performing shortly. She’ll set this place ablaze. But don’t worry, we call her our safety girl, because she bought 10 bottles of 80 SPF lotion to share.”

Mira’s contact eagerly leaned forward, “I believe we just marked the AC.” and at seeing Mira’s questioning face, sighed, “The Albino’s companion. What do you want to bet…he’s somewhere on that crowded deck? Come on, where are you? Got ’em 3:00.”  Mira looked at her watch, “We are going to capture him in 10 minutes?”

“What? NO! Location! Your 3:00.”  Mira began scanning the left side of the boat deck, when her companion spit out, “Try. Looking. On. The. RIGHT. Side.”  Behind the National flags, there was a man wearing a wide brim cowboy hat and long-sleeved flannel shirt on a hot day, “Oh, I see him. But he’s no longer at 3:00. In fact, he’s exiting onto the dock now.”

Mira turned to discover her contact had already left.

348 words / FFaw April 2nd / hosted by Joy

16 Comments on “I Spy

  1. Fun story, loved the bumbling spy’s first day at work, though I’m sure her Contact will not agree. Btw, I don’t think Priceless Joy was being rude at all, she’s the host of this challenge, which has certain pre-defined rules, so she was just pointing them out. I honestly thought your response was a bit too harsh, but then, that’s just my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m assuming he already got to the target. Great story – very mysterious. I need to remind you that our word limit is 175 words.


    • My bad…guess temporarily forgot which challenge I was doing. (some have increased, and some are unlimited) it’s the first time I exceeded, and it was pointed out, like I was a repeat offender. 🙂 Oh, Shoot, I guess I don’t qualify for the prize! Hahah 🙂 Like Monopoly – go straight to jail…do not pass Go and collect your $200.00. –

      Well, I suppose people can stop reading at the 175 mark? Next time I will be back to following the rules.

      Liked by 1 person

      • When someone goes over the limit of the challenge, I need to point it out to them. Sorry, if it offended you but it is important we stay in the limits.


      • Why is it important? If someone goes over the limit, couldn’t the reader jut simply stop reading if/when they are bored? I do. Any experienced blogger knows, if they want people to read/comment, it benefits them to keep it short.

        So who cares if they don’t This is for fun. There are no winners and prizes being distributed that would require disqualification for not following the rules.

        Whether an honest over-site or intentional, there’s no need to publicly announce they fell outside of the challenge parameters.

        I’ve hosted challenges in the past, and if I pointed out each time they didn’t follow the rules, no one would have participated.

        I’m not offended. I’m just being sarcastic over the “seriousness” of a fun writing exercise that has no winners, or compensation.


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