Rack up Some Points

I have this “Then and Now Bible Maps” book.  It’s super cool, because it shows you various maps of what the land looked like during that particular Bible era, and then there’s an additional see through film to cover over map that reflects how the countries have changed, what they are called now, etc.  It’s very helpful, but of course, a resource that sat in my closet due to me not really reading the bible, or even going to church, for that matter.

As many of you know, we moved recently…and I opened a box, and found my Bible, and other materials for bible study.  Hence, I started flipping through the map book.  And they had a page providing synopsis on Paul’s travels…with corresponding maps.

Me:  “Wow, that Paul sure got around. I wonder where he would have gone if he had a car…or where would he have gone in an airplane.”

Hubby:  “Earning Hotel points along the way?”

Me:  “Oh… Instead he earned ‘frequent’ camel ride and Inn points for future freebies?”

I love being married to my man…who totally gets me and we laugh and laugh.

Could you imagine Paul writing reviews? – “Great, quiet place for composing of emails and blog posts to my brethren.”

9 Comments on “Rack up Some Points

  1. Hey Sandi!!!! Hi-dee-ho there! I was going to ask how are you but I can answer for myself. You are doing quite well! Love the new space, and I love that you are living your best life, at least that is how I perceive this to be. I’ve missed you. I am thrilled to know that this is what you are doing. It is refreshing to see that you are here in this world to spread the love and the many thoughts of God. You are the answered prayer for those who have petitioned for precisely what you give. I will continue to visit and journey on with you as much as is needed for me. I’ve been hearing whispers to dust of my bible as well for some time now. And now I shall. I will check out the rest of your posts in a few. Right now, as I type this, it is 3:21 AM and time for me to go beddy-bye 😂😂 And look where I came to rest, right in God’s hammock! Haha!

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    • Tricia – missed you girlie! Yes, I’m going to still have some of my flavor…that doesn’t go away. I don’t think it’s supposed to. Hahahaha – Get some sleep, woman! And I’ll see you later!

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  2. I think in Paul’s time had he had a car, he would have driven off the edge of the earth. Either that or ignored the sign for no fuel beyond this point and we would have been spared his letters suggesting we flail ourselves for being so sinful.

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    • Well, he would have quickly figured out the world was not Flat, and came across more life…it might involve a lot more sand and lizards?

      I haven’t read all the epistles (I’m just starting to read here and there), so which one (book/chapter/verse) does Paul tell (or suggest) us to flail ourselves? What I’ve read thus far has been guidance on how a christian should treat one another, and that extends to “enemies/non-believers” as well. It’s all been pretty positive.

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      • My reference to ‘flailing’ comes from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s comedy sketch years ago on Religion. But I think Paul was the one who suggested we should express sorrow for sin in more physical ways.


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