Seeing RED


“Meet me at the Arch.”

“At McDonald’s?  Doesn’t seem very picturesque.  What, is Ronald McDonald going to be there?  Take some shots of me riding the little merry-go-round, carousel thingy?”  Sherry thought it was an odd spot for a photo shoot, but now she was hungry and ready to go.

Charley sighed, “No, that’s the Golden Arches. THE Arch. Outside McKinney Hall on the other side of campus?”

“Oh, that arch,” now deflated, she could have really gone for some french fries. “What time?”

They agreed upon an hour, which meant there was enough time for Sherry to run for a cheeseburger meal! YES! She kept her cell phone on the table to watch the time while she scarfed down her meal. Mmmm. Fries. That hit the spot with just enough time to floss the teeth and run a brush over them while driving back to campus.

Unfortunately, parking took longer than expected. Time for one last quick inspection…she flipped down her car visor, and peered at her reflection in the tiny mirror, smiled and saw there was nothing gross in her teeth, and trotted to the Arch.

Charley was frantically waving to her, “COME ON! We only have a short period of time before my next class.” Sherry quickly pulled off her sweater, and immediately, Charley frowned at her.

“What?  I wore white, just like you told me.” She followed his eyes down to the front of her blouse, and behold, staring back at her was a huge ketchup stain.

Sue Vincent / Write Photo Challenge / Arch

9 Comments on “Seeing RED

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  2. Great response Sandi, I’ve been in that situation when out to dinner to discover the gravy I’ve slopped down the front of my shirt, how embarrassment.


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  4. Haha, unfortunately I bet a lot of people do think McDonald’s when they hear ‘arch’ these days. Great fun Sandi 🙂


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