Sheilas and Blokes

“I was a little confused on what bathroom to use.” – my son

One liner Wednesday /Misunderstandings March 7th/ host Linda Hill

We went to Outback Steakhouse a couple weekends ago.  We were out of town for a volleyball tournament, and so my son was unfamiliar with where the mens room was already located.   He was gone for a long time and when he returned, I inquired what took so long.  Apparently, since it wasn’t a place he was already familiar what door to go into…he had to rely on reading signs and they were words he hadn’t seen before, so he hung out nearby, pausing, waiting for someone to enter one of the doors to determine the right one … but no one came for a bit.  He finally just picked the one that sounded most “boy”  (we don’t know any girls named Sheila)

13 Comments on “Sheilas and Blokes

  1. It’s fun to see how restaurants label their restroom doors! One place we went to just had boats on both doors, and were labeled ‘inboard’ and ‘outboard’! haha!

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  2. There was a Far Side cartoon that showed jellyfish in a bar, and on the restroom doors there were pictures of jellyfish. The caption read “Only they can tell the difference.”

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    • Hahhahah! Hey, John! Good to see ya! I’ve changed blog sites. (formerly Flip Flops every day) I’ll be picking up the Manic Monday music again, once I get up to date a little more!

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