Reasonable Request


We either need a coffee pot/brewer on the 2nd floor, a satellite coffee station…
or Rosie, the Jetson’s robot, to serve us coffee when we are upstairs. 

One Liner Wednesday “Best Friend advice” / host: Linda Hill

** Re – post from prior blog

I’ve been giving that some thought, and seriously we could store her in the closet under the stairs and access her via remote control! (of course, we’d probably end up not finding the remote, and accusing the other of misplacing the clicker.)  BUT…why isn’t this the latest buying rage for the holidays?

Since our recent move into our new 2 story home, in a weather inclement area, we find ourselves spending the winter upstairs and working in the loft/bedroom, where it’s warmer with sun beams shining through windows…and I suspect the summer will be spent in the cooler, downstairs portion, that doesn’t receive direct sunlight and somewhat shadowy.

The cold and dark living room / kitchen makes going downstairs to get coffee a drag.  Not to mention…we’re kinda lazy.  I don’t want to have to ‘work’ to get my coffee by going up-down-stairs for my few cups.  (Yes, few…hello, it’s cold and my knees don’t like the sharp decline/incline – they be creakin’ these days)

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