For the love of Llama

Don’t you love those dating website that send you junk e-mail.  So the following conversation happened between me and my hubby:

“Hey, hon!  I just got an e-mail from a dating website.”

“Is he cute?”

“I don’t know.”

“Does he own a llama farm?  Any lamas?”

“oh, that’s right.  It’s a deal breaker if he doesn’t have any lama, lama, lamas!”

“You do know there are dating websites for Farmers.  Well, those that live in rural communities.”


And he is correct, I searched the internet and found “Farmers”  with the tag line “city folks just don’t get it.”  And…they are right because my hubby and I joked back and forth, the check off boxes would be different for those dating sites.

Looking for someone:

  • that loves sunrises – meaning can rise with the sun – preferably before the rooster crows
  • Is a “foodie” – meaning, loves to cook a big hearty meal
  • Enjoys industry – meaning Knows how to drive a tractor and operate other farming machinery
  • Loves animals – meaning Must know how to milk a cow, feed chickens, and clear stalls
  • Date night – means filling jars of pickled items, and watching the sun set, from the porch swing, cuz you are too tired to go anywhere
  • Likes to turn in early – meaning, so exhausted by day’s activities, and you can’t wait to get started on the new day

We’re teasing, of course.  Now that we are in Oregon, high desert, we are near a lot of rural area.  Where would we be without our farmers?  And they need to meet people too, which is difficult when they are working the farm all day.  So, I’m glad they have a site.  Just down the street, someone does have a fenced in area of Llamas and/or possibly Alpacas. (seriously, not sure of the difference)  There are farms here, to breed, and show them!  Alpacas and a llamas association.   I just learned some new stuff, and we might need to take the kids on a visit.  And we love the kids animated movie Emperor’s New Groove, where David Spade is the King turned llama.  It’s hilarious.  #llamalove


6 Comments on “For the love of Llama

  1. Well you can get all the fresh food right from the source if you want. That’s an advantage living around rural area. Did you find my site?

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  2. Well Sandi, I finally found you again…I was wondering where those flip flops had taken you off to. Nice changes in the blog focus. You do know that you will be harassed, pontificated at and generally lambasted for some of your statements, right? Keep up the good work!


    • Hey, there you are! I’m sorry, I did move and I haven’t been very active. Today is an activity day here – and my presence is being felt…as I’m off visiting blogs and commenting.

      And I’m not gonna “preach at” people. This is my own area to do my study, write down and try to learn … and I type up whatever funny stuff that enters my thoughts…as they surely wander quite far some time! And I find them amusing. There’s not reason why anyone should have to find me a threat or put me in my place. If they do…I know where my delete and block buttons are. There will never be anything too controversial, my blog is too light for that. (ha, light! Christian humor)


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