Future Delegation


“Joanie, where is that ink and quill we bought for Ritchie’s 5th grade Colonial day project?”

“Why? Oh, I think it’s in the office, near the envelopes and paper.”

Her husband disappeared, and a few minutes later returned with a sliver of the quill, ink, and a tiny piece of paper with ends rolled like a scroll. At Joan’s questioning look, he explained that the tooth fairy was leaving a note to go with the money. And that he’d roll the $1.00 bill up in the scroll.

“Are you sure that’s not going to get lost, or crushed, under her pillow?”

A crease furrowed his brow, “Ahhh, we’ll put it on her nightstand! And we’ll put the ink and quill next to it!”

“You know, that’s a lot of work that our 6 year-old is going to expect every time she loses a tooth. There are a lot of teeth. Are you sure you want to start with that?”

“Um. Ritchie can take over eventually.”

165 words / FFaw March 6th / hosted by Joy

14 Comments on “Future Delegation

    • Yes, it’s fun to do the Easter and Tooth Fairy stuff. The kids just love “make believe” – although they believe it…but suspect it’s not real… but want to believe anyway. So at some point, “everyone” plays along – each plays their part. The faker and the believer. Hahaha 🙂

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    • Right? My daughter would have LOVED this. hahaha. We did do notes to her, but typed up from the computer with an image of Fairy clip art, with flowery font. printed on 8×11 paper…and cut down. Hahahaha.


    • seriously, we’d type up a note in the computer and print it out with all this imagery. One time I forgot, and was racing at 5:00 AM to get the computer up/printer running and printed, money near the child before they opened their eyes! Hahaha (or late at night) OMG – I forgot! And one time I did, and we had to tell our daughter the tooth fairy was really busy that a lot of people had lost their teeth and would probably be by the next evening.

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