Mutant Mush

I received a like on one of my posts from someone I haven’t yet developed a rapport.  I’m always up for meeting new friends, and out of respect, I usually stop by someone’s blog if they took time to stop by mine.  Off I went, to check out 

At first, it was kind of flashy, and “get my book” kinda  deal.  Taken aback, I sighed and was about to leave, thinking it was just marketing. Then, I realized…I kinda liked the boldness.  So, I listened to the video and liked his energy.  I agreed with what he had to say, looked up their beliefs.  Then I clicked to his blog on a post of what holds Christians back.  Under the paragraph of why people don’t go to church – reason #2 Hypocrites… pertaining to not attending church because they are all hypocrites, and you don’t want to be a hypocrite…which is partially faulty thinking to justify not attending church ever, because… (and this phrasing made me laugh, I loved it)

the reality is if you’re not moving forward, you are spiritually decaying. Spiritual atrophy… The slow, steady erosion of your spiritual muscles.

And you know what flashed in my mind?

You guessed it:  Senator Robert Kelly, in X-Men, when he became that mushy, watery mutant thing.  Ew.  That’s gross.

Well…I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna be spiritual, mutant mush.  YUCK!

# say ew to the goo

# get your spiritual work out on

P.S.  Go Check out Damian’s site, I know I’ll be perusing and reading more posts.

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