Good Thing We Talked

I love my sense of humor with God.  He knows I need that type of relationship.  So, my quiet time, this week, I’m studying PSALM 34, and a portion of verse 10, jumps out at me:

But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing

And of course, I can’t read anything else, because I can only start singing Fine Young Cannibals, “My good thing…where have you gone?  You’ve been gone too long.”

And I started laughing.  Because it was like God and I were having a conversation, as if we bumped into each other at the super market, and he was giving me a hard time, elbow in the ribs, teasing me because I haven’t been to church in years and just started going again, and trying to read the Bible.  (and grudgingly apply what I’m told)

See, that’s the issue I have.  I’m always afraid of what I will be asked to do.  Then, I get a funny from God.  Like all is Good, in the house.  I read the lyrics of the song, and although the artist wrote them about a significant other leaving him, they could easily have been words to me:

“Good-god, woman. Where’ve you been?  You were gone so long.  But who cares, I’m so happy you’re back!”

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