The Choice

“Are you in. or are you out?”

Immediately, I flashed back to accepting my invitation to the mill. There were six of us who had set up sleeping bags on the outer, upper balcony. About 15 minutes after arriving, the hosts had bid us good night…and we were on our own.

For the first hour, we got to know one another. At some point, I had to use the rest room, and to my dismay…discovered I had to walk a distance to a porta-potty. When I returned, no one was at the mill.

“Hello?” I had called out. Silence. “Okay, guys, you got me. Where is everyone?”

A scream echoed over the hill and behind the trees. As I pushed back branches and past bushes, I made my way toward the sound.  Probably just initiation. Nothing prepared me for what laid beyond the clearing.

I blinked my eyes, our host had returned  and was snapping fingers in front of me…
“I’ll ask you again…are you in or are you out?”

170 words / FFaw Feb. 27th / hosted by:  Joy

…ANYONE WANT TO FINISH THE STORY?  I’d love someone to copy and paste what I started and come up with their own ending.  I purposely wrote it so it could go in any direction.  Fun, happy, creepy, nightmarish.  Political?  Just link to this post so I know!


18 Comments on “The Choice

  1. Ohh! Love the challenge.


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    • Well, what did you discover on the other side of the hill? I might want to say no, too. Out, I’m outta here.


  3. Count me in as long as everyone else gets naked. This is on my bucket list and I always wanted to go to a nudist camp, but up till now I lacked the courage. I understand that not all naked people are beautiful, especially some of the wrinkly older people. Let’s get going before I chicken out.


    • Hilarious, Jim! Like the Nike slogan, “Just DO IT.” Exactly what I was looking for – I wanted to see what the reader was imagining it was. The screams you heard, were of people startled at the discovery of nudity! hahahah. Hilarious.


    • There’s something happening on the the “other side” of the hill. There was a “scream” but it’s not identified as fear or glee, or just plain noise. It’s simply a scream. And when that person goes to investigate, and gets to the clearing, it’s nothing they imagined to see (could be insane, scary, or good) – the host reappears (as they originally left) and inquired if they are in or out, and the person flashes back and is thinking over the events and how they got to that precise point in time- then they are drawn back to the present by the host repeating (and snapping fingers to get their attention) to see if they are going to join in that activity – ARE YOU IN OR ARE YOU OUT?

      Although what was on the other side of the hill was unexpected, what that precise activity was, is purposely left to the reader’s imagination.


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