The Foreigner

John’s business partner had filled him in on the culture. In order to be taken seriously, it was important to demonstrate respect, by wearing their style of clothing, and observing rituals.

One rite-of-passage, was to perform a “box dance step” around 4 sacred tiles, counter-clockwise, while holding hands up to the sun, before crossing the street. Surprisingly, there were several tiles adjacent to the building where the meeting was being held. He called his partner, but no answer.

This business deal was important to them, and he was on the verge of being late. He systematically started from the left edge, and worked his way around tiles. Keeping his head down, so not to lose track of what squares he had done. Near the end of his exercise, he looked up and realized, traffic had stopped, and someone was taking video of his antics.

Apparently, this culture enjoyed a good prank, as well

153 words / FFaw Oct. 24th / hosted by:  Joy

** Re-post from prior blog

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