Party Pink Style

“Reminds me of the story about Jack and Diane.”


“You know, two American kids growing up, doing the best they can?”

“Are you citing John Cougar Mellencamp ?”

Nodding my head, he smiled at me, “Well, you picked the wrong song, dork. I believe you are thinking of Pink Houses?”

We both looked at the rows of rose colored housing, “Oh, yeah. How does that song go again?”

He began singing, “Well, ain’t that America…pink houses for you and me…”

Traveling down the mini streets, peering at little name marquees, after 20 minutes, and one too many times of Mellencamp, we stopped in frustration:

“Just exactly how are we supposed to find this ‘secret’ party location? We haven’t seen anyone on the streets! What’s the point, if the hint is too subtle?”

That’s when we saw it. A smiley face drawn on the outside of one of the buildings.

150 words / FFaw Oct. 17th / hosted by:  Joy

** Re-post from prior blog

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