Off in the Distance

Nothing ever happens here.

You mess up, ONE time, and you and your partner are transferred to a remote island. We’re the only lifeguard/water rescue team for the beach. What most call paradise, we deem “Snoozevile.” We miss the excitement of the thrilling sea and the BIG save! These crystal blue, shallow waters, are unfrequented by the locals.

To keep in shape, we enter the water and begin our paddling. We always shoot for 5 miles. Often times, we race each other to keep up our conditioning and speed. At some point, inevitable boredom will kick in, and we’ll probably practice tricks. Rolls. Who can hold their breath the longest.

Today, we decided to close our eyes and paddle to shore blind. That’s when we heard it. A muffled cry for help. Our eyes scanned and didn’t see anything. Grabbing the binoculars, I pointed and yelled:

“There! Two miles out”

Flash Fiction “FFfAW” / week 8-1 / 150 word count

Host: Priceless Joy “PJ” / Image: TJ Paris

** Re-post from prior blog

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