Jesus Jive

There’s always a point in time, where during a service, I check out… does that ever happen to you?

The pastor will say something, and I will find myself in some weird thought…like, if Jesus were physically here on Earth today, and he was sharing the gospel, would he speak not only the language, but the slang too?  Speak at a level that would reach that particular individual? So if they were serious, he was serious.  If they were jokey-jokesters, he’d find a humorous way to approach them?

Then I’d picture a scenario and I’d start smiling and almost snickering.  My husband will look over at me and I’ll shake my head and wave it off… because am I really (in the middle of service) going to tell him that I was just picturing Jesus in the scene of Airplane, where he’d speak Jive like Mrs. Cleaver.

“Yo mannn, believeme, I’m son of God.  I’m not puffin. I’m legit.  Don’t be a drip, no more bucket from Nantucket.  Get what I’m laying down?  Sinnomore Jive turkeys.” 



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