Cruising to the next Challenge

When word came they were selected as contestants, the brothers were shocked! And now that they were participating, they still had a difficult time believing. So far, the Amazing Race has been an easy ride. In fact, locals allowed them to borrow their tandem bike, just so they could wave and be on television. Cruising along, on what they knew to be the correct path, they relaxed and enjoyed their ride.

The elder of the two became lost in thought, until his panting broke him from the reverie. For someone in physical shape, why was he winded? He looked back and discovered his brother had stopped pedaling, and before he could say anything, the younger pointed ahead to what was obviously the next challenge.

The bike slowly came to a halt. WHAT IS THAT? You’ve got to be kidding. It’s no longer going to be easy.

146 words / Flash Fiction FFfaw 8-8

Host Priceless Joy “PJ” / Image by Dorothy

** Re-post from prior blog

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