Chocolately Mud Mug

“Hey, mom!  I need a cup!”

My 5-year-old and his friend were in the backyard making mud pies, and being very creative. Pulling out out an old group of plain white coffee mugs, I handed two to Joey. These mugs I keep for the kids, so If they get broken, it’s no big deal.

At that point, I had forgotten about the hot chocolate in the microwave for my 3-year-old, which ended up bubbling over. Setting it on the counter to cool before wiping, I remembered there was laundry to do, and went to transfer load from washer to dryer. Returning to the kitchen, I see my daughter standing, looking very puzzled, with mud on her mouth, “There’s something wrong with the hot chocolate, mom.”

Apparently, her brother had come back in, placed his muddy mug on the counter next to the other cup, before running off to the bathroom.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfaw) / week 8-15 / 150 words

Host:  Priceless Joy “PJ” / Image:

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