By way of leaps and bounds

He said to follow him, and that he knew where he was going. A couple of us shrugged our shoulders as he lead the way. I didn’t know the area, and was in no position to explore. However, I was fairly certain he was going the wrong direction.

“Hey, are you sure…um, I think we should go back the other way.”

“Nah, come on dude, it’s this way. I know I saw it.”

Across the rooftops, really?

“Okay, but I don’t have much time and need to go”

I had already committed myself to this journey. If only the guy in the red shirt would hurry up, come on man! The rest of the group is probably wondering what happened to us.

“Only one more building to jump. See, there it is!”

Wow, that was quite a trek to the bathroom!


“Um, I don’t have to go any more.”

FFAW Challenge week 7/11 – Priceless Joy.  / 150 words exactly using photo above.

** Re-posting from my prior blog

3 Comments on “By way of leaps and bounds

    • Hi, Joy! I disappeared for a while – moved, etc. And upon my returning, decided to change my direction and created a new blog. So you might want to follow this blog instead. I’m phasing old Flipflopseveryday. I wanted to save all my past material and brought it over (wanted to clean it up and get formatting consistent) So, sorry for the multiple link notifications! 🙂


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