3rd Time’s the Charm?

With the cage held tightly, he moved swiftly through the, now familiar, rocky terrain at dawn. This time, he would not miss the damn boat as he had done twice before. He had escaped to this remote island for writing inspiration. However, due to the shallow waters, the only way to arrive and leave was by a mini boat once a week. The first time, he arrived too late and missed the departure completely. The following week, it was full with a passenger going to market their goods. Being forced to stay another couple, unexpected weeks, drained the remaining cash for room and board. His host took pity, and offered a chicken to barter as passage. With the sunrise, he could see the fisherman waving, motioning to an empty boat! In his excited relief, he tripped over a stone, stumbled forward, banged the cage open, and out flew the chicken!

FFfaw challenge 150 words exactly / week 7-25 / hosted Priceless Joy “PJ”

**Re-posting from prior blog

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